Located in many distinctive sales points around the world and having strong business partners and 2310 employees, Doğtaş has over 200 concept stores at home and abroad today, and is among the most important players in the furniture industry.

Beyond being a furniture manufacturer and seller, Doğtaş's ambition is to be a brand that adds style and harmony to living spaces, makes its customers' lives easier by providing appropriate solutions, and is the go-to place for architectural advice.

Aligned on the wishes and needs of the newly wed, home refurbishers, and decoration savvy and set on supporting them in creating the living spaces they want, Doğtaş offers a wide variety of products from living rooms and bedrooms, to kids/teens furniture and dining rooms. Beyond meeting people's needs for furniture, Doğtaş becomes their partner, gets in the same boat, and promises to bring style and harmony to living spaces with its designs.