Departing from the knowledge that one-third of one's life is spent sleeping, Lova features the latest sleep technologies in its beds. Providing an opportunity for a healthier and comfortable sleep to its customers at affordable prices, Lova does not compromise on the fine details of luxury, technological and boutique solutions.

For the privilege of a personalized bed assistance service ‘Lova Sleep Test’ offers everyone a perfect sleep experience identifying the most suitable Lova for them. Lova Sleep beds can be replaced or returned in case of dissatisfaction thanks to their warranty covering the first 100 nights. Lova Sleep also features new generation patented spring systems, as well as the memory sponge technique, and heat and humidity control through the dry&soft technology enabling heat and moisture control. Lova Sleep provides a highly hygienic sleeping environment, increasing the quality of life and sleep, thanks to the Aegis technology providing effective antibacterial properties to the fabric, approved by international organizations.